I’m Antony Hart

ADHD/Life Coach in Calgary, Alberta.


As Principal of Maverick Minds ADHD Coaching, I’m here to help you learn techniques for a fuller life with ADHD. Wherever you are, you can access my coaching sessions online or by phone.


I promise I won’t try to “fix” you. I don’t regard ADHD as a disability, although I do know from personal experience how it can put obstacles in our way.


I will provide a trust-based, non-judgmental setting for you to identify and embrace your ADHD traits. And then we will review your personal goals and I will guide you in moving positively towards them.

Antony Hart ADHD Coach
My ADHD experience


I was diagnosed with ADHD myself when I was 47. Like with many who find out in adulthood, it happened after my son’s diagnosis. ADHD can run in families, and a lot of adults have it without knowing.


My wife read the list of symptoms and said to me: “This is you.” I couldn’t argue. I got a referral from my doctor, was evaluated and diagnosed.


This brought me clarity. I now had explanations for my behaviour as a child and adolescent, and my quirks as an adult. After our two children were born, my ADHD tendencies had become more apparent, however hard I’d tried.


I began my quest to find out more about living with ADHD, and soon realized I was well positioned to equip others with insights and techniques for a happier life.

ADDCA training


I completed the Accredited ADHD & Life Coach Training Program with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), in Albany, New York. ADDCA is internationally recognized as the global leader in ADHD coach training and education.


This program provides a thorough understanding and awareness of ADHD, and the realization we should accept and embrace our differences and learn how to live with them.


For example, my own personal strategies include the power of the pause, not jumping in, thinking before doing, using humour and knowing my reward system.


I have grown to embrace and become grateful for the unique brain wiring and many gifts ADHD has brought to my life. I was prescribed ADHD medication after my diagnosis, and no longer need to take it.